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Gary's Time The Plan

 Hello, and thank you for coming to my plan to help Gary Indiana, as I mentioned before there are nice incentives being offered to Businesses willing to hire ex-offerners

I will help provide training and employment opportunities to a growing population of folks that need them the most
  • Provide Training, Education and Certification  to individuals desiring to better their lives
  • Create Mentoring opportunities
  • Provide tools to individuals where if properly administered, and follow up is consistent with the individual need, will contribute to the reduction of recidivism in NW Indiana
  • Help these residents to realize that by participating in the positive life choices available to them, they can;
  1. Re-unite with families
  2. Contribute to society in a positive way 
  3. Be better equipped with the tools that will enable them to develop better decision making skills  that they may choose not to re-offend, and never return to prison again
  4. Connect to an accountability partner, that may be able to help them get through those "split second" /  "decision leading to choice" making events that arise on a daily basis
  5. Help the individual to see him / herself in a more positive light, where self esteem can begin to grow in the individual, perhaps even for the first time in their lives
  • Last but certainly not least control costs

 Please help me by letting me know how you feel, and if you like my thinking
. Please let me know how you feel if you do not like my thinking, perhaps there is some part of my Vision that needs adjustment. Remember this is not for or about me, this is for and about the wonderful folks in Gary Indiana that live here today, are growing up there now, and will be coming there tomorrow, It's Gary's Time!!

If your concern is in need of a lift please fill out the form on our contact page and we will get back to you for specifics and if we can I will personally see what can be done about your situation.
  Individuals will not receive cash, however depending on the urgency of the need, may receive assistance via direct pay to the creditor  or service provider such as Nipsco etc. on their behalf.

I am now looking for folks that have a passion to help me help Gary help itself. If you want to help we will gladly accept any donation, whether physical or monetary. Donations will go to the general fund and through our Fiscal Agent will issue you a Tax Deductible receipt. 

All donations will be posted  by amount of money or service given, who made the donation (unless you tell me not to mention your name) when it was made and what it is being used for. This information will be found on our finance tracking page, link located on our projects page about 2/3 of the way down.

I promise you that everything you give less any allowable administration costs will go directly to my efforts in Gary Indiana and will benefit the residents there. If you contribute to Garys Time you will be contributing to a great cause, helping in the Revitalization of Gary Indiana, you will see your money at work in Gary.

If you would like to help, financially or physically or if you have any questions or a need assistance with a family member or friend please contact me 
  direct @ 219-775-6898 or email me,
Thanks again!

Here you will find an overview of my Vision for Gary Indiana as submitted in February of 2010 to the folks at the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA). This, I can not do on my own folks, so please let me know your thoughts OK?

Gary's Time, Phase 1 “A Clean Sweep”

Gary's Time, Phase 2 “The Rebuild”


    Mr Fredricks,


We will be requesting support through the department to assist in implementing the first phases of Gary's Time. Be assured that every nickel that comes into our project will be spent on the project. In the interest of full disclosure, transparency and accountability we will be posting all communications IE; funding requests, approved funding, what funds came in, from whom, where the money went and how the funds were used. This information can be found on our website for public view


    Although I have been successful in helping folks get into properties they can afford and created some jobs, my current model no longer makes sense. I feel that the only way for this to work to the level at which I anticipate is for me to be on the ground in Indiana. We are in the process of packing up everything here in PA and moving there to over see my Vision. I will be residing in Indiana by April 1st, 2010. Hopefully this overview will give you enough information to begin to process our request. I have included a basic flow chart, photos of the intended use of vacant land and some of the benefits of Vacant Land Reclamation, and rebuilding, as well as my qualifications


  • I will present a real time list of the properties or at the very least the blocks and costs per property to get them into a condition that is consistent with our goals and what ever other information as required by the department


  • I will present a block by block breakdown of the Gary's Time Phase 1 A Clean Sweep plan, as well as Gary's Time Phase 2 The Rebuild. These plans shall be informative enough to make a determination of feasibility by the folks at the IHCDA. I will of course provide you as much information as needed


  • We will gain a full understanding of the permitting processes in the city of Gary and apply for same as required by local code enforcement. My applications will be complete and precise and I ask that there be no unnecessary delays in the granting of permits. I understand that the folks at the IHCDA have very little if any control over Gary's processes, but I also understand that many projects have stalled at this early stage


  • Only licensed, insured contractors approved to work in the city of Gary will be used. Although there will be bids taken on certain aspects of the project, first preference will be given to local contractors and suppliers. This will not be a “lowest bid” only process, my experience has proven that this is not always wise


  • Part of Gary's Time Phase 1 A Clean Sweep calls for the use of IDOC work release and non violent offenders as a means to help keep costs at a minimum. I will be seeking introduction to the local sheriffs department work release programs already in place, as well as request that a “special work force” be designated for the project. I feel we have an amazing opportunity to reach some of these residents / inmates on a more personal level through my program by connecting work release employees to local services already in place in Gary. We can help to limit the “revolving door” cycle so prevalent in our institutions, by requiring these folks be connected with an “outside mentor” while they are on the job. This piece of my Vision weighs heavy on my heart and if feasible, I will seeking advise on how best to proceed in this area


  • I will also be reaching out to the Vo-tech schools and asking if their staff and aspiring carpenters, roofers, HVAC, electrical and plumbing students would like to adopt a Gary's Time project house, I will be thinking statewide, as well as nationally but acting locally


  • I have reached out to the Local Lowe's Store during my last visit and understand that they have programs such as the Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation already in place to assist re-development concerns such as Gary's Time. I will be contacting all supply vendors in the area to see what other programs they already have in place as well. I will canvas and solicit all possibilities in an attempt to make this a community project and keep costs under control


  • Gary's Time Phase 1 A Clean Sweep will be broken down into 5 parts


  1. Designated block(s)

  2. Board up and securing

  3. Demolition where cost effective

  4. Site friendliness IE; weed control, tree trimming, rake, fill, seed and and temp fencing where cost effective (see attached photos)

  5. On going monitoring of sites to insure continuity and over all site friendliness consistent with the Vision


This model will repeat itself as we move from block to block. Gary's Time Phase 2 will kick in once the designated blocks have been secured and prepared. Phase 2 will consist of 4 parts


  1. Renovation of existing properties deemed worthy of the cost, on a case by case basis

  2. New construction, either stick frame or modular on lots either a. as a result of demolition, b. already vacant, c. lots that are in compliance with side, front and rear yard setbacks per existing codes, or d. apply for variances where a home can comfortably fit into the building envelope (a great opportunity to help revive the employment and industry situation in Elkhart as well)

  3. Rake, seed and permanently “dress up” designated lots with trees, shrubs, permanent fencing, benches and the like, so that each community will have one or more of these public areas to be enjoyed, some uses of these areas could be for Jungle Jim, Basketball Courts, Skate Parks, Jogging tracks and the like. (see examples of cleaned lots provided). Phase 1 will only call for stabilization IE; rake, seed and fence of these vacant lots / new public areas, specific use will be determined at a later date


  4. Re-sell these renovated or new construction as affordable housing, or sell reconstructed vacant lot / new construction projects to investors where they will be returned to the tax producing roles. As affordable housing, I will be requesting that I may “allow the subsidy to follow” with the project so that the beneficiary of the home can reep the rewards of the tax dollars used. For private investors, any subsidies would be included in the cost of the home so that these funds can be returned to the state (I will explain)


Phase 1 and Phase 2 will at times over lap one another depending on the amount of work necessary to prepare the areas for transition from one phase to the next.


  • I want to assure you that no corners will be cut, however; I will be requesting smooth and steady processing of our requests. I am not asking for any guarantees whatsoever, but as it relates to any paperwork, permitting, variances that may come into play and or funding that may be available, that the Gary's Time project be given high priority so that folks can see progress. I expect, and welcome folks that want to put me under the microscope as Gary has had many, many promises only to be let down. Once I gain momentum, I want to keep this project moving forward


  • We will begin by strategically placing 10 to 20 yd dumpsters in designated areas in and around the blocks where we will begin to “move out the old Gary, and make room for the new Gary”


  • Grass cutting, weed whacking, tree trimming and general clean up will be an ongoing process in the beginning months, and then scheduled regularly as “Team Leaders” are hired that will over see teams of five, (have already begun to announce job opportunities) to over see this vital piece


  • Begin the board up and securing of every open, unsafe property that exists in the areas / blocks designated, I have begun to hire crews specifically for this task, as well I am currently using Illiana REO Services LLC for this task


  • Demolition of unusable properties that exist in the areas / blocks designated, I have two certified demolition crews as well as Stash Construction (a local company) waiting on a green light from me to begin


  • Removal of the demolished properties, with attention to recycling such as aluminum, copper, bricks etc., separation of and proper disposal of toxic materials that may exist, IE; sealed paint containers, asbestos, lead piping and the like


  • Backfilling any properties where homes have been removed


  • The Final part of Gary's Time Phase 1 A Clean Sweep will call for the grading, raking and over seeding of all properties in the designated blocks


  • Continue to monitor these areas as well as the aesthetics of existing properties. When warranted bring under control same so as to present safer areas, site friendliness, and overall project continuity. We will then begin the renovation of existing homes deemed worthy of the cost and construct new homes that are in line with our targeted budget


  • We will get these properties back in the hands of those wishing to become home owners. We will sell these properties to investors so that the end goal is reached. Properties will be occupied creating safer communities throughout and placed back on the tax producing roles for the City of Gary. Through our aggressive marketing style and buyer group opportunities my efforts are already attracting new investors to the area


  • Finally, I have only begun to work on the plans for the improvement of the commercial corridors. Some of these sites will be needed as more and more business begin to locate within the communities in the New Gary Indiana. More information on these sites will be available upon completion of our studies and meetings with our commercial contractors


Thank you for your time David, I look forward to your call this week when I can address any concerns you may have


Respectfully submitted,


Roger Hayward, Founder

Its Garys Time Inc

Office / Cell (219) 775-6898
Conference Line 305-848-8888
Room code 2484859961#

"Lets Get Busy"

In this World, It is not what I Take Up, But, what I Give Up, that makes me Rich


Below is a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding between The IDOC


Its Garys Time Inc.

(for a signed copy please contact me directly)



Lake County Kimbrough Center (Party A)


Its Garys Time Inc. (Party B)


So that The Lake County Kimbrough Center, its work release participants, The City of Gary and Its Garys Time Inc. can benefit mutually from our collaboration. And that Its Garys Time Inc can begin to  hire and or train  in General Construction and hands on Construction related employment.



Its Garys Time Inc. is a newly formed organization devoted to the betterment of Gary Indiana, whos primary purpose is the redevelopment as well as Vacant Land Reclamation processes and reconstruction of otherwise abandoned buildings in the City of Gary, so that these homes can be occupied as affordable housing where re-entry level participants, single mothers as well as others who my be financially challenged may live. One of our goals is to provide Mentoring, Training and work related opportunities and employment to those who are desirous of re-entering the work force and society. We feel that by Mentoring the participants to be better prepared to deal with day to day challenges through hands on experience and Training is key to our success.  Our program includes but is not limited to;

         Training in all areas of General Construction, including;

1.                  Project Management

2.                  OSHA Rules and Regulations

3.                  HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing

4.                  Roofing, Siding, Drywall, Painting

5.                  Off site Wall Panel Construction

6.                  Solar Panel Assembly and Installation

         On site, hands on Training / Employment

         Mentoring; Budget Counseling and Financial

         Mentoring: Youth sports and positive enviornment (children of the offender)

         Training; Becoming a Business Owner

         Training; Grant Writing

         Training; Real Estate Investing


Upon inclusion and / or acceptance by Its Garys Time Inc. of any participant into this program;

1.                  Its Garys Time Inc. shall be allowed to forward The Kimbrough Center the recorded time cards and hourly wages due the participant so that The Kimbrough Center may disburse these funds

2.                  Within 14 days of any accepted participant, they must enter into a referred Budgeting / Financial responsibility class or be willing to meet with financial counselors as my be directed by Its Garys Time Inc., such as but not limited to Volunteer counselors from Crown Financial Ministries

3.                  Any program participant must fill out a “Hold Harmless” agreement, barring any enrollee from seeking financial or otherwise compensation from Its Garys Time Inc. or the Lake County Kimbrough Center for any damages that may occur as a result of  any accidental loss while participating in the program, including but not limited to life, limb, health, or otherwise physical property



That this document serve as the entire agreement between Lake County Kimbrough Center and Its Garys Time Inc. The program can be made available Immediately to any interested Kimbrough Center work release participant upon completion of a face to face interview or Group Presentation by Roger Hayward, Founder of Its Garys Time Inc. Furthermore, Its Garys Time Inc. will make any arrangements as agreed upon by the parties hereto for any training and / or on the job work / employment experience. Its Garys Time Inc. will document progresses, challenges or otherwise obstacles that they may feel are pertinent to the success of the participant. Its Garys Time Inc. will make available upon request any and all documentation, records or otherwise information they may have on on file for any program participants and immediately present these records to The Kimbrough Center.


Its Garys Time Inc. is devoted to the betterment of Gary Indiana, its citizens and the further positive development of any of its program participants.


On this ________ day of December, 2010, Its Garys Time Inc., respectfully request that The Lake County Kimbrough Center and Its Garys Time Inc. enter into this Memorandum of Understanding          


We the undersigned, by our signatures below do hereby agree to this Memorandum of Understanding. This Memorandum of Understanding may be canceled at any time upon cause to do so as determined by The Lake County Kimbrough Center. In the event of such a cancellation, a full accounting shall be performed, copies of any and all records and any monies owed to any program participants shall be turned over to The Lake County Kimbrough Center within 30 days




____________________________________________________________ _____ / _____ / _____.

The Lake County Kimbrough Center, (Party A)




Printed Party A





____________________________________________________________ _____ / _____ / _____.

Its Garys Time Inc. (Party B)





Printed Party B


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