Gary Indiana
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Gary Indiana a time to rebuild

To Rebuild Gary Indiana, One home, One block, One community



Isn't it Gary's Time?

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Re-entry based on Biblical Principles

God first Loved me, so I must work towards first Loving my Brother and Sister, if I do not do this and I profess to Love Jesus, then I am a liar ~ Roger Hayward, Founder

Jesus Delivers the Adulterous woman ~ John 8:7 "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her"
We shall lead one another by example working towards living a life style of tolerance, acceptance and Love, the kind of Our Lord and Savior Jesus and for Christs sake


To provide formal and informal assessments, where career path interests are learned, and interviewing and facilitation skills are taught through “inter-action” education. To provide tools, job skills, certifications, mentoring, parenting and life skills to “at risk” and re-entry individuals. To assist in job retention, affordable home ownership, financial independence, budgeting, and re-entry development where these individuals may learn to overcome barriers, deal with “triggers” AND participate in the opportunity to become successful law abiding citizens

Success is an Option ~ Choose it!

My thinking is that UNLESS we are involved in unified, positive dialogue, followed by positive action and more importantly positive reinforcement in the mindset of those living in Gary, Lake County and beyond we will be impacted by the negative consequences as a result of our complacency. The former we can choose, with complacency, we risk loosing that choice

Together we Stand ~ Divided we Fall
Gary Indiana Rebuilding of a Community One Life At A Time  

I believe, and from my own personal experience that if we want to change our ways we should be willing to live according to Biblical Principles, be willing to ask for help, and have an accountability partner that has our best interest at heart.


Most of what I do I fund myself, prayerfully consider helping me won't you?

If you are unable to donate financially, thats fine, there are other ways you can help
  • Volunteer on a project
  • Provide ideas
  • Mentor a man or woman trying to succeed after incarceration (men with men, women with women please)
  • Provide temporary housing, sometimes in exchange for labor or a minimal charge (pre-screening provided)
  • Maybe you know someone that can get involved
If you would like to get involved somehow please click here and fill out the short form, this will send us an email and we will get back with you, thanks for seeing the need as we see it

Its Garys Time Inc is a 501 (c) 3 Public Charity Under IRC 170 

I believe that I have been called to come to Gary Indiana to help make a difference in the quality of life here. I packed up all I had into two trucks and arrived here in March of 2010. 

Hello, my name is Roger Hayward, I am the Founder of Its Gary's Time Inc, a program that I have been working on to help rebuild Gary Indiana. I first visited Gary in 2009 and realized that there was a greater need, one of them being to help provide tools and opportunity to the ex-offender / re-entry population coming back into society after serving time in jail. 

Did you know that there are nice incentives being offered to those willing to hire an ex-offender?

Up to $2,400 per individual hired on your payroll:  If you hire these men and women they could be eligible under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program and Welfare to Work qualifications. We will help connect you to the right people to prepare the paperwork if you hire permanent.

There are also Bonding Programs available through Unicor when you are hiring a re-entry resident. Please visit here for details.

The challenges faced by those living in Gary are among the greatest in this land of ours, challenges that I choose to view as opportunity, opportunity for employment, opportunity to rebuild, opportunity to be one as a community again. The age old rule of "cause and effect" has contributed to the challenges we face. 

We have problems in our society, but there are also solutions, if we are not part of the solution, then we may be part of the problem, and just my opinion but we just may need to look at that. 

Part of the challenge may simply be inaction, or the thinking that the problems will simply go away. Let me tell you from personal experience they will not, they will grow like a disease, feed on themselves, until ultimately you cease to exist. 

We need to first admit that we have challenges, work together to understand a little about how we got here and then develop a comprehensive, singleness of purpose solution void of ego and personal gain, commit to a plan action and follow through. 

It is not rocket science folks, a wise man once told me that if I do today, what wasn't working yesterday, and expected the results to be different then I might be crazy, ok enough physco babble, It's Gary's Time, time to get to work.

We have registered our name as It's Gary's Time INC and will be a community based locally run non profit corporation. We are planning to finance the operation through Private Investment, State and Federal allocations and donations. Volunteerism will play a vital role in us realizing our goals and keeping costs down

I will work towards keeping you in the loop as far as all that Its Garys Time Inc is involved in, from utilizing the ex-offender population, hiring local folks to cut grass and clean vacant lots, to planting trees and shrubs to hiring local licensed contractors to renovate existing homes all the way to the new construction phase.

This is your city and I feel that transparency and accountability are the only ways to establish a lasting relationship. I believe that the the cornerstone should be honesty that can only breed trust. I want to work with you in developing a singleness of purpose in the revitalization of your community where we will think nationally and act locally.

Thank you

Roger Hayward, Founder

Its Garys Time Inc

Office / Cell (219) 775-6898
Conference Line 305-848-8888
Room code 2484859961#

"Lets Get Busy"

In this World, It is not what I Take Up, But, what I Give Up, that makes me Rich


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